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What Makes Titan Material The Best Scrubs

The tired, old basic cotton scrubs that we all grew-up knowing no longer has to be the standard. You don’t have to settle for the baggy, uncomfortable, rigid, and plain scrubs like the healthcare professions before you did. There’s something new and improved, and you’re gonna love it! Just as medical treatments and therapies have advanced, so has the attire that medical professionals now have available.

The optimal set of medical scrubs should remain as dry as possible over the course of a long shift, feel soft to the touch, be a breeze to clean, remain affordable and durable, and perform exceptionally. These qualities are just a few of the ways that a great set of “performance” scrubs can serve you as you do your vital work. Imagine that: comfortable scrubs that actually help you perform better!

If you recognize the benefits of remaining dry, comfortable, and cool throughout your demanding work day, you will be interested to know about the scrubs that are earning a name for themselves: TITAN SCRUBS. Titan scrubs are engineered with industry-leading technology, making them the most advanced scrubs on the market today.

Allow us to discuss the benefits of Titan Scrubs and our patented material called “driRelease”. Titan Scrubs has a wide selection of driRelease scrubs, which set the new standard for performance and comfort in medical uniforms.


A pillar of Titan’s success is the driRelease textile material that offers a high-proportion of synthetic material and a low-proportion of natural fiber. The performance of synthetic fibers mixed with the comfort and softness of natural cotton is what gives Titan Scrubs its competitive edge. This combination is winning over medical professionals seeking a better work attire.

Titan Scrub’s finely-balanced ratio of water-resistant (“hydrophobic”) synthetic fibers and natural water-loving (“hydrophilic”) cotton threads woven into the scrubs material results in an effective moisture-wicking property that draws sweat and moisture from your body to the outer surface of the scrubs, to be evaporated into the air. This quality is permanent and cannot be washed out.


Traditional cotton scrubs are not made with odor-reducing or moisture-wicking properties; Titan Scrubs are! Added, traditional cotton scrubs become even less soft, less pliable, and can shrink over time with repeated washing.

With Titan Scrubs, by following the simple care instructions (dry with cool dryer temps or air dry), your scrubs retain their special odor-reducing and moisture-wicking abilities, will not shrink, and will remain soft to the touch. Titan Scrubs are as soft, flexible, and breathable on Day 1 as they are after multiple washes.

Titan Scrubs boasts virtually complete odor neutralization with FreshGuard impregnated into the fabric. This is accomplished without the use of harmful chemicals whatsoever. The manufacturing of Titan Scrubs is 100% environmentally safe. Hey, we live on this planet too!


Titan Scrubs are comfortable, reliable, and high performing. And at industry low prices for performance scrubs! We’ve taken the guesswork out of buying scrubs online. Our scrubs offer industry-leading quality and value. If you’ve quietly suffered wearing scrubs that look the opposite of smart and feel tragically uncomfortable, you owe it to yourself to consider Titan Scrubs. Our wide selection of colors and unique styles for both men and women will impress you. Whether you live in a hot climate or cold one, you’re sure to find the right Titan Scrubs for you!

Ideally, healthcare workers shouldn’t have to worry about the fit, feel, and performance of their clothing. You’ve got more important things to concentrate on…. taking care of people. Do yourself a favor, and take care of yourself while you’re at it!


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